10/2022 -  Today

Supplier Experience Management platform for retailers and manufacturers.

Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

  • Improvement of developer experience (new tools or features)
  • Refactoring and improvement of code base and tests
  • Retro-engineering and documentation of legacy services


05/2020 -  01/2020

Offers commercial support for Mercurial DVCS.

Python / Rust Developer (Remote)

  • Porting some Mercurial features to Rust
  • Add Mercurial support to Software Heritage, an archiving platform

Esprits Collaboratifs (Paris)

10/2017 -  01/2020

Collaborative watch software editor and consulting.

Python Expert (Remote)

  • Development of Curebot backend and associate services
  • System administration.
  • Code quality improvement
  • Development process improvement
  • Deployement process improvement

AMG Développement, Groupe GPdis (Toulouse)

03/2016 -  01/2017

IT depoartement of the GPdis group (wholesaler of household appliances).

Python Expert

  • Code quality improvement
  • Development process improvement
  • Unittesting mentoring
  • Agile practice introduction
  • Teaching git

Iceberg Marketplace (Paris)

01/2015 -  02/2016

Saas Marketplace.

Python Expert (Remote)

  • BigQuery based statistics
  • Backbone/Marionnette frontend development

Adaptive Channel (Toulouse)

10/2014 -  01/2015

B2B2C digital content delivery.

Python Expert / System administrator

Makina Corpus (Toulouse)

07/2013 -  03/2014

Experts in free software, data mapping and analysis.

Python Expert

  • Bi-directional synchronisation of directories (Django)

Météo France pour Makina Corpus (Toulouse)

09/2012 -  07/2013

French national meteorological service.

Python Expert

  • Development and improvement of internal libraries (Python)
  • Development and improvement of web services (Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Spatialite)
  • Development of web interfaces for tests and rapid consultation (HTML5, Javascript, Backbone.js, OpenLayers)
  • Development of a documentary search web service (Python, Django, Haystack, Javascript, Backbone.js)
  • Refactoring and improvement of administration and deployment tools (Python, Bash)
  • Implementation of a centralized log system (Python, ElasticSearch, Redis, Kibana)
  • Implementation of good practices (unit tests, code quality)

DocDoku (Toulouse)

01/2012 -  04/2012

Digital business solutions company.

Javascript frontend developer

  • REST API design
  • HTML5 Trainer (State of the art, focus on WebSockets, WebWorkers, WebGL)

Fitting Box (Toulouse)

2010 -  2011

Augmented reality glasses fitting.

Web developer

  • Production and depoyement processes improvment
  • GNU/Linux System administration (Debian FAI, CFEngine, Bash, AWS, rsync, rdiff-backup)
  • Data cleaning, normalization and statistics (bash, python)

WS Interactive (Toulouse)

2008 -  2010

Web agency.

Web developer / Web Integrator

  • Development and maintenance of websites and web applications.
  • Analysis, design and integration of interfaces.
  • Technological and competitive monitoring.

Coopalibre (Toulouse)

2006 -  2008

IT services.

Développeur / Administrateur système


IESG Toulouse

BTS Management IT, application development option